Satori Road | Retail Shop

Bold, Modern and Minimalistic! The simple color pallet was chosen to create ease of shopping. The flashy chrome logo repeated through out the space created consistency visually. Hand drawing the leaf for the icon & logo gave authenticity to
the brand. Each element was carefully chosen and meticulous placed throughout the shop, social media, the website, and marketing materials. The cohesive artistic minimalist approach is what makes this brand strong.


Satori Road is a brand that has won over the hearts of many. Walking through the doors of this downtown plant shop put a smile one everyones face. Greeted by the happy staff and the smell of trees in the forest fills the air. The plants seem to glow from happiness as you browse the selection. The intention was to raise the vibration of the space and the people who walked through the door. It was something everyone wanted to experience. This was the mission behind the branding.