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Joshua Spendlove – Phone: (435) 632-5440 –

Beetle Brunswick:

This bold aristocrat wears his red coat to stand out of the crowd… Though his locks of gray hair and astonishing grin set him apart from the rest. Little do they know the secrets he holds. Mr. Beetle Brunswick has the town wrapped around his finger just like his ruff from the East India Trading Company. Do not cross a man like this, just look into his eyes and there you will see why.


Size: 15×9
Oil on Panel

“The Process”

Spendlove uses a method inspired by the old masters called “Glazing” in all his oil paintings. It is considered a “Lost Art” technique and is used very rarely in the world of Art. This method has been self-taught through much research, as most of the old masters took their secrets to the grave. Using this “Glazing Technique” he paints many translucent layers of color over color to create realistic skin tones, vibrant colors and the depth you see in his paintings. The layers of oils capture the light in a way that is spectacular. The skin tones in his paintings are created using at least 30 layers of glaze and takes time between layers to thoroughly dry –  most of his paintings take little over a year to create. Before painting, he searches for the most unique antique frames that suites his inspiration. Most of his frames are antiques and are sometimes modified with gold leafing and custom patinas to create a completely unified experience for connoisseur of fine arts.