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Graffiti-covered trains and alleyways of Las Vegas, Nevada, impacted my childhood, as did the untouchable masterworks found in museums and galleries. I am fascinated by light & color. I attended the Las Vegas Academy of Art where I gained a foundation in art and design.

After University and traveling abroad, I began my path as an artist exploring duality, polarity & the balance between two opposites with a focus on color relationships. I find stillness and peace creating art. Through art we find harmony in chaos, and perfection in randomness.

Joshua Spendlove b. 1982 Is a multidisciplinary artist from Las Vegas, Nevada.


POP Colores!

July 1 – August 1, 2023
Opening reception: Friday, July 7, 5:00

POP Colores! is a summer group show showcasing incredibly talented creatives uninhibited by color during the 5th Annual Santa Fe ART Week, hosted by Santa Fe Tourism Department. A week of music, studio & gallery art & food in the City Different.


Joshua Spendlove