Artist Bio

Joshua Spendlove’s love of color, form and beauty grew into a passion that kept him busy and productive throughout his youth, creating hundreds of pieces before the age of 18. In his youth he loved drawing with charcoal and painting with tempera. He won his first art contest at the age of 4 and has passionately pursued the arts ever since. Soon thereafter he became widely known as a child prodigy in art, and was encouraged by his friends, family, and mentors to develop his craft.

In Junior High Spendlove dreamed of being immersed in the world of Art. He found an art program at the Las Vegas Academy of Fine Art to which he applied. He was immediately accepted into the Fine Art program with an emphasis on 2D & 3D foundations. With his days now full of freedom and creativity, he was introduced to a myriad of techniques, mediums and tools. Spendlove was also exposed to the worlds of Cezanne, Van Gogh, and the incredibly inspirational art of Salvador Dali. A few of his early works were inspired by the surrealists, like Dali. “Surrealism inspired me to explore my own imagination and paint from my creative mind, instead of painting things I can see with my eyes”. – Joshua Spendlove

In College, he took a class that toured a sculptor’s studio and he immediately developed a love for the art of sculpting. Wanting to experience art in its finest, Spendlove set out to explore the world of art and toured the well-known museums and galleries of the United States. He was overcome with a love for the history of art. He experienced the sculptures and art that he had read about in books. Artist like Van Gogh, Picasso, Rodin and more…One of the most inspiring artists he encountered was Van Gogh. “Seeing the texture and beauty of the work of Van Gogh in person, overwhelmed me and inspired me to share what I have created with the world.” – Joshua Spendlove. Soon after Spendlove began his career in art. He began to tour the country with his art doing festivals and shows with his paintings and sculptures. This gave him the inspiration to approach galleries and other art venues, which launched his career.

Spendlove’s work is showcased in the New York Institute of Fine Arts and has been commissioned by nationally accredited companies and largely influential private collectors across the country. His work has gained a following on social media platforms and has collectors across the nation. One of his most accoladed oil paintings named “Abrielle” is now hanging in “Pop Art Santa Fe” in NM. He has a magnificent 14’ tall monument at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in Saint George, UT. “Alcyon Ascending” – His newest monument will be installed at the Smith Plastic Surgery Center in Las Vegas, NV in the fall of 2018.


Quote from the Artist

“I enjoy giving myself a challenge. Creating something I’ve never done before pushes me to become a better artist.”

– Josh Spendlove

The Process

Spendlove uses a method inspired by the old masters called “Glazing” in all his oil paintings. It is considered a “Lost Art” technique and is used very rarely in the world of Art. This method has been self-taught through much research, as most of the old masters took their secrets to the grave. Using this “Glazing Technique” he paints many translucent layers of color over color to create realistic skin tones, vibrant colors and the depth you see in his paintings. The layers of oils capture the light in a way that is spectacular. The skin tones in his paintings are created using at least 30 layers of glaze and takes time between layers to thoroughly dry –  most of his paintings take little over a year to create. Before painting, he searches for the most unique antique frames that suites his inspiration. Most of his frames are antiques and are sometimes modified with gold leafing and custom patinas to create a completely unified experience for connoisseur of fine arts.

Artist Statement

Joshua SpendloveWhen I look at the finished clay it is as though I am seeing the sculpture for the first time.  I often wonder how these beautiful works of art come to exist, and I cannot fully recall creating them. It is as though the clay it magically transforms itself day by day into shapes, forms, and beauty.

My sculpture is about happiness, beauty, and enjoying life.  I feel the need to create scenes of motion, harmony and balance. I find myself daily studying the tiniest of details and the diversity of the human body. There are hundreds of muscles and even more combinations of movements, and I wish that I could translate them all into clay.

I love to sit and observe the way light moves across its subjects, the most insignificant movements and shapes, I find inspiring and magnificent – You may catch me in a daze but just know I am contemplating the intricate yet simple beauties of form. I believe that it is difficult to escape from your work when your work is the thing you enjoy the most. But when I am not in the studio I enjoy quiet evening walks through the desert. After watching the sunset I love coming home to a cup of tea and playing with my dog Zoie.

Even relaxing in the evening inspires new thoughts for the coming day. I allow myself to be open to new Ideas while maintaining a focus in figurative works. I know that there are infinite directions that an artist can follow, sometimes simultaneously, but I have traveled on many paths before and now feel that I should concentrate my creativity on a figurative contemporary path.

I enjoy creating art and have for many years. I remember creating sculptures out of clay that my mother made for me when I was very young. I have developed a great love and respect for sculpture and continue to create as a full time professional sculptor.