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me kayenta

Artist Statement

When I look at the finished clay it is as though I am seeing the sculpture for the first time.  I often wonder how these beautiful works of art come to exist, and I cannot fully recall creating them. It is as though the clay it magically transforms itself day by day into shapes, forms, and beauty.

My sculpture is about happiness, beauty, and enjoying life.  I feel the need to create scenes of motion, harmony and balance. I find myself daily studying the tiniest of details and the diversity of the human body. There are hundreds of muscles and even more combinations of movements, and I wish that I could translate them all into clay.  I love to sit and observe the way light moves across its subjects, the most insignificant movements and shapes, I find inspiring and magnificent – You may catch me in a daze but just know I am contemplating the intricate yet simple beauties of form.

I believe that it is difficult to escape from your work when your work is the thing you enjoy the most. But when I am not in the studio I enjoy quiet evening walks through the desert. After watching the sunset I love coming home to a cup of tea and playing with my dog Zoie.  Even relaxing in the evening inspires new thoughts for the coming day.

I allow myself to be open to new Ideas while maintaining a focus in figurative works. I know that there are infinite directions that an artist can follow, sometimes simultaneously, but I have traveled on many paths before and now feel that I should concentrate my creativity on a figurative contemporary path.

I enjoy creating art and have for many years. I remember creating sculptures out of clay that my mother made for me when I was very young. I have developed a great love and respect for sculpture and continue to create as a full time professional sculptor.


Widely recognized as a child prodigy in art, Joshua Spendlove’s talent and natural ability grew into a passion that kept him productive throughout his youth, creating hundreds of pieces all before the age of 18.  Spendlove quickly realized that sculpture was the medium for the greatest expression of motion and the artistic forms of the human body, “three dimensional poetry” as he once called it.  Obsessed with the complexity & magnificence of human anatomy, he meticulously studies the bone & muscle structures of his models for accuracy.  One of His greatest joys is watching an idea manifest into reality, from a mere glimpse of creative thought, to a tangible resilient masterpiece.  Spendlove has dedicated his life to art and can be found sculpting daily in his Southern Utah studio. As a full time sculptor Spendlove has won numerous prestigious awards for his works & has many collectors public and private throughout the country.